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The Rune Master Radionics Program
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10 octaves with 18 Rune Tones each! Play the sound of the Rune of your choice and have the "Hammer" generator of Od vibrate in this exact frequency for this extra super boost of your rune Magick!

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    This extraordinary spiritual technology is your personal gate to the powers of creation !!!

    Using the creative powers of the Runes for your spiritual and psychic development you can certainly gain control of love, money, business, sports, status, and life itself.

Harness the powers of Rune Yoga to control the flow of life force for stamina, endurance, and mental and physical energy.
The Basic Rune Course leads you on your path to become a Rune Master.
The Rune Reading Course is an introduction to the divinatory power of the Runes!

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By Karl Hans Welz
Grand Rune Master
The Knights of Runes

As you know by now, Runes can be viewed as shape-vibrations. In other words, specific shapes can trigger their energies.
Shapes, in this respect, are to be understood in a very general way. The first thing which comes into the mind when we talk about shapes, is no doubt the graphic outline of a Rune. Another shape is the mantra, which is a shape of sound. As you will learn soon, Mantras can be sung in many variations, which helps you experience the various shades of Runic energies. Similarly, you can add the shapes of "color" to the Runic symbol, or environments.

In the above, we showed you two extremes of shapes: first the graphic outline, then the sound. Those shapes may be combined, of course, which adds to the potentials of your Runic practice.

One realm of shapes, which is closely connected with, often derived from, the graphic outline of Runes, are hand-and body positions of Runes. When posing those, something from the purely graphic outline is lost, no doubt. However, if you consider the conductivity of energy of the human body, then much is gained. Hand and body positions add extremely valuable dimensions to your Runic practice. Especially when those positions are practiced in a ceremonial set-up, by several persons, each person perhaps representing one specific Rune, or several persons forming one single Rune.

On this web site I am showing you the basic hand and body positions of Runes.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, feet together, both arms pointing upward in an angle of approximately 30 degrees from horizontal line. Left arm slightly higher than right arm. Both palms point forward, drawing energy.

HANDPOSITION: Left arm straight up. Thumb and ring finger to form "FA", leaning forward. Other fingers point upward


BODYPOSITION: Bending over, arms and tips of fingers pointing to the ground.

HANDPOSITION: Left hand (practice with the right as well) 1. Form a U-shape with your fingers, open end of "U" pointing downward. Hand approx. 8 inches from eyes. 2. Thumb and index finger shape UR downward. Other fingers point in same direction as index finger.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, feet together, left arm angled, hand on hip, palm touches hipbone.

HANDPOSITION: The tips of thumb and ring finger of the left hand touch each other. Other fingers pointing upward.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, left leg lifted, pointing forward, tips of toes pointing downward, left arm parallel with left leg. Variation: Right leg pointing to the side (instead of forward) right arm parallel to right leg pointing downward.

HANDPOSITION: Thumb and index fingers of the lift hand form circle.

(Variation of OS)

BODYPOSITION: Hands above head, palms touching each other, legs apart.

HANDPOSITION: Thumbs and index fingers form the shape of OTHIL, other fingers touch. Practice on solar plexus.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, left arm at angle (like THORN), left leg lifted.

HANDPOSITION: Left arm upright, left index finger and thumb touch on the tips, other fingers point downward, parallel to palm.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, both arms point upward, palms point downward. Hands touch each other.

HANDPOSITION: Left hand: all fingers point upward, thumb in right angle to palm, pointing upward.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, arms crossed in front of chest.

HANDPOSITION: Both hands forming the letter "H", palms parallel, thumbs touching each other.


BODYPOSITION: Right arm in angle upward, left arm downward. Variation: Right arm upward, left leg to the side. Variation 2: Cross-position, after speaking "Aepandi nam" bring hands to hips.

HANDPOSITION: Right hand, fingers point upward, thumb to the side, a bit more than with KA. Variation: With both hands above head, index fingers form shape of the Rune NOD.



HANDPOSITION: Hand to fist, index finger pointing upward.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, right leg to the side, arms on side of body. Variation: Standing upright, right arm to the side, point downward. Variation 2: Standing upright, arms upward, palms facing each other, right leg to the side.

HANDPOSITION: Fingers of right hand point upward, thumb stretched outward, in right angle to palm.


BODYPOSITION: In sitting position, body shape IS.

HANDPOSITION: Left hand up, thumb pointing outward, right index finger to touch thumb, thumb and all fingers of right hand pointing upward.


BODYPOSITION: Arms to the side, pointing downward, palms point to the ground. Variation for SIG-TYR: Arms in angle to side, palms pointing toward head, or outward.

HANDPOSITION: Right arm thumb, index finger and middle finger to form the shape of TYR, approx. 8 inches from solar plexus.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, left arm at angle, as in THORN or RIT, left leg at an angle.

HANDPOSITION: Both arms above head, Thumb and index finger of right hand to form circle, other fingers of right hand in same direction as index finger. Index finger of left hand to touch lower knuckle of thumb, thumb of left hand to touch end of hand.


BODYPOSITION: Standing upright, both arms downward, fingertips pointing to ground. As a variation, point palms upward.

HANDPOSITION: Left arm upright, the upper parts of the fingers to form the shape of LAF.


BODYPOSITION: Both arms to the side and upward, feel influx of energy on both sides, feel both streams join in the body. Direct energy to the ground. Variation: kneeling, sitting on heels, same position of arms.


BODYPOSITION: Arms point to side and downward (as TYR). Variation: Upper arms on body, lower arms to point to the side and downwards.

HANDPOSITION: Left hand to form "YR" with thumb, index and middle fingers.


BODYPOSITION: Left arm pointing upward, right arm downward (as NOD, both other arms). Variation: Left arm to side upward, right leg to side downward.

HANDPOSITION: Fingers of left hand pointing upward, thumb pointing outward, more then KA. Variation: With arms above head, index fingers of both hands to form shape of EH.


BODYPOSITION: Body to form shape of GIBOR. Variation: Both arms upward to side, both legs to side: X - shape of body results.

HANDPOSITION: Arms above head, fingers cross each other.


The SYMBOLISM of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes gives you ACCESS TO THE REALMS OF CREATION. THEREFORE...

If you are a PRACTICING PSYCHIC who uses psychic capabilities to help others, Runic practice will add an invaluable new dimension to your profession.

If you are an ASTROLOGER, READER, or COUNSELOR, Runic practice can bring you beyond the status of a mere bystander. No loner are you limited to just telling your clients what trends are in store for them and, perhaps, how they may adjust. Now you can actively work on your clients' destinies and help straighten out their lives. This added capability ensures repeat business and better reward.

If you are a LECTURER or TEACHER of metaphysics or if you study to become one, knowledge of Runic practice will add to your classes. Especially the teaching of Rune Yoga is very rewarding, since its effects will be felt immediately by the majority of your students.

If you are involved in the HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS, Rune Yoga and Runic energy treatment (using the energies of the world crystal) will increase the scope of your methods available.

If you are SEEKING ENLIGHTENMENT, Runes are one of the fastest and safest ways to deep mystical experiences, to insights in the workings of the universe and to experience on Oneness.

If you want to achieve your FULLEST POTENTIAL AS A HUMAN BEING, Runic practice gives you access to the realms of creation. Runic practice is your gateway to your chakras and to your inherent psychic powers.

Chances are, you may find a few more reasons why.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Karl Hans Welz
Grand Rune Master
The Knights of Runes