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JH 2400 Junior Hammer ($129.00)__________  _______________

HT 2400 HD Hammer of Thor HD ($699.00)___  _______________

TC 99 Transfer Couple ($39.99)_____________  _______________

EPM 2400 Exterior Precision Module ($699.00)_  _______________

RMRP 2003 Rune Master Radionics ($199.00)__  _______________

Set of 18 Rune Crystals ($99.00)____________  _______________

Set of 18 Runes - tumbled amethyst ($99.00)_  _______________

Other__________________________________  _______________

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Mail to: HSCTI, Box 1298, Woodstock, GA 30188
Phone: (770) 924 0223 -- Fax 770 924 0223 - call before faxing

Important Disclaimer: HSCTI sells the Radionics Program, Hammer of Thor, Junior Hammer, and other devices exclusively for research. After extensive research and many positive results, some academic scientists have already acknowledged life force and yet some didnít. Therefore, acceptance of these concepts and the effectiveness of life force devices is your personal decision. All references to life force, etc., on our web sites and in our brochures reflect opinions of users of the Welz Chi Generators and other devices from HSCTI, not the manufacturer. These devices have no therepeutic value whatsoever and should never be used for such purposes. The use of the devices is the full responsibility of the purchaser.
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Ordering Information:

Payment: By check, money order, international postal money order, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)
Please make checks payable to HSCTI
Sorry, No COD's!

Delivery Time: We mail the merchandise within seven working days after we received payment or after the check has cleared.

Shipping: By mail or UPS. Postage and handling are included in price for all orders of $50.00 or above. Add $5.00 for all orders below $50.00 Overseas: Add $30.00 for air mail delivery, $20.00 for surface mail.

Warranty: HSCTI replaces, repairs, or exchanges defective devices within two years from date of purchase, provided that the problem did not result from inappropriate use. This warranty does not include AC adapters.

Instruction Manual: All power generators and radionics devices come with a comprehensive instruction manual.


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