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Copyright 1994 by Karl Hans Welz
This course may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without prior
permission in writing from the author.
Address queries to: HSCTI, Box 1298, Woodstock, GA 30188

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Lesson I
Introduction to Magick:
Magick in human history
Common Functioning Principle in Magick
Magick free from Traditions
What is Magick?
Six case scenarios of magickal operations
Action at a Distance in Magick
Structural Links
Structural Links in the 6 case scenarios
The Target Link in Magick
The Trend Link in Magick
Psychic Power in Magick
Psychic Energy (life force) in the 6 case scenarios
No life without Magick
The Orgone (Life Force) Generator in Magick
The Definition of Magick
Magick is Action at a Distance upon a Target
Perform any kind of Magick!

Lesson IV
Equivalent Structures and HOE
animistic approach in Magick
Mappings in Magick
Four Magickal Elements
The Material Plane in Magick
The Astral Plane in Magick
The Mental Plane in Magick
The Causal Plane in Magick
The Importance of the Planes in Magick
Astrology and Magick
Magickal Squares of the Planets
The Tarot and Magick
List of Equivalent Structural Likns
Magickal Words of Power
Magickal Mantras
Magickal Sigils
Magickal Object in the Environment
Magickal Dances
Magickal Paraphernalia
Magickal Technology
Magickal Alphabets
Sets of Equivalent Structures

Lesson II
Life Force, Miracles, and Magick
Negative Entropy and Magick
Life Force, the Mind, and Magick
Build a Magick Wand
Learn to see Life Force:
a good practice for Magick
Learn to feel Life Force
Learn to direct Life Force
essential for Magick!
Direct Life Force into your body
Charge Magickal Objects with Life Force
Project Life Force into others
Generate Life force for Magick
Animal Magnetism and Magick
The Orgone Generator in Magick
Basic Laws of Life Force

Lesson V
Magickal Protection
the Magickal Circle
the Magickal Triangle
Control Magickal Energies
control Magickal Entities
the Magickal Mirror
Magickal Control
magickal evocative circles
Methods of magickally dismissing
Magickal Threats
Psychic Interference with your Magickal Operation:
weak Life Force
incorrect Structural Links
lack of control of magickal energies
protection of the target
other psychic interferences

Lesson III
Structural Links in Magick
animism in magick
a magickal miracle cross
Equivalent and Near-Identical
Structural Links in Magick
the 6 magickal case scenarios
the "true name" - an equivalent SL
magickal alphabets and sigils
Structural Links and Distance
magickal hyperspaces
Magickal Experiments with SL
experiment with the Magick Wand
experiment with the Orgone Generator
Magickal Radionics Experiments
Laws of Structural Links
basic principle of magickal transfer
magickal symbolisms

Lesson VI
Practical Magick: Examples
Make a Magickal Talisman:
magickal squares
The Magickal Realms
energetic magickal realm
outer magickal realm
realm of magickal energies
Cast a Magickal Spell
Magickal Clearing



Print Each of these resources to use in magical activities. It is recomended that you have them laminated for protection. Laminated sets are available from Magitech, as well as complete Rune Sets, Shinto Talismans, Abremelim Squares, The Alphabet of Desire, the Lemegeton, Faustian talismans, talismans from the Key of Solomon the King, and Other Magical Resources.

The Universal Pentacle

The Sator Arepo Talisman

The Planetary Squares

The Elemental Squares

Abremelim Protection Squares

Abremelim Love Squares