A Course in Cosmic Consciousness
Lesson V

Oneness with the Divine - By Karl Hans Welz

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Lesson 1
      Religion and Technology

      The Importance of Oneness with The Divine

      Why we Need the Practice with Oneness

      About Consciousness and Oneness

      The Elements

      The Planes

      The Material Plane

      The Astral Plane

      The Mental Plane

      The Causal Plane

Lesson 2
      The Workspace Outside Yourself.
      Protective Measures.
      The Altar.
      The Workspace Within Yourself.
      Astral travel.
      Practice: Being One with the Will.

Lesson 3
      Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure..
      The Divine Name and the Process Manifestation.
      Fire and Water.
      The Workspace Around Yourself.
      The Workplace Within.
      Being one with Your Will and with Your Emotions.

Lesson 4
      The Mental Plane.
      The Interaction with Water and Air.
      Your Outer Realm.
      Exploring the Air Element.
      Being One with the Mind.
      Practice of Aligning the Three...

Lesson 5
      Exploring the Earth Element Part 1.
      The Workplace Around Yourself.
      Exploring the Earth element Part 2.
      Being One with Consciousness.
      The Practice of the Four Elements.


Lesson V

Index of lesson V

Exploring the Earth element(1).
The workplace around yourself.
Exploring the Earth element(2).
Being one with consciousness.
The practice of the four elements.

Lesson V:

 this lesson you will enter the realms of the earth element, or of the consciousness. This is the realm where things become manifest. It is a synthesis of the other three elements. In the divine name YOD HE VAU HE, the earth element is in the second HE.


 I have pointed out above, the five is the first number that allows the tracing of a polygon in more than one way. You can trace a regular pentagon or a pentagram. The pentagram, of course, is a pentagon with triangles extended from it. This alone shows the synthesis of fire and water. More precisely, the earth element is a synthesis of the three elements that appear before manifestation occurs: fire, water, and air. Earth is structured, or cold.


Earth is the element of the material planes. You may say that things that are conscious are things material. This means, of course, that you bring the material planes with yourself when you explore the planes that are not material. It is your penetrating consciousness that makes these planes material. In other words: all planes have characteristics of all other planes within themselves. Everything is an infinite complexity of the elements that constitute the phenomena. If you develop an energy that you intend to materialize, you need to proceed from the elements above the material plane: causal-emanation, mental-creation, astral-formation, and material-form.



material plane is the world of forms. This world of forms we can see as composed of two sub-planes: the dense material plane and the etheric plane. In the relation between these two sub planes, again, you can see the four elements at play. You find more information concerning these interrelations in my course "magick of the future."


Exploring the Earth Element


you begin with your practice of aligning the elements, including the consciousness or earth element, you will explore the earth element by itself. Here a brief repetition of key words that relate to the Earth element. Keep these in mind when you practice.
Earth: Consciousness, the world of forms, the material plane.
The pentagram and the Hebrew letter HE.

The Workspace around yourself:


you include the earth element in your aligning of the four elements, you will expand your outer realm. You will now add the utensils that represent the element of earth.



you draw a circle around yourself. Trace a triangle on the table. You may surround this triangle with a circle. Put a candle and wand into the triangle to represent the fire element. Also include the elemental talisman (a triangle) that you have previously charged. To represent the water element you put a cup with water in the circle. Include the elemental talisman of water, i.e., the pentagon. For the air element you put an incense burner inside the triangle. You may add a dagger or a sword. Include the elemental talisman for air, the square. For the earth element, put the elemental talisman of earth, the pentagram, in the circle. Put a crystal in the center of this pentagram. Instead of the crystal you may use a dish with earth. For practices that go beyond the sphere of this planet, a tektite (meteorite) or a moldovite (a glass meteorite) is ideal.



the previous chapter I have stressed that the triangle of manifestation on the altar (the large triangle) does not only represent the will of the magician (the fire element) that contains the spirit, or energy, within this space. It does also represent the trinity of the elements beyond that which is manifest and conscious: fire, water, and air. To represent the synthesis of the three elements into the earth element, I suggest the following set up: Put the utensils that represent the fire element into the corner of the triangle that is farthest away from you. Put the water utensils into the left corner and the air utensils into the right corner. Then put the earth utensils into the middle of the triangle.



you have set up your altar, you charge it with your awareness that this setup is going to attract the elemental energies of earth as soon as you set the whole operation in motion by lighting the candles and the incense. As incense I suggest frankincense or sandalwood.



charge this outer realm for your practices with the earth element, you imagine yourself drawing energies of the earth element from the universe and projecting it into the triangle. See these energies as having the color brown. You may also use the colors white or black. White represents the combination of the three elemental colors, while black represents earth as our mother: the womb from which the forms are coming forth. This color connects with the first manifestation of consciousness at the threshold of chaos.



with the practice of projecting earth energies until you feel good about the amount of energy that you have accumulated in this way. Then proceed with the practice by exploring the realm of the earth element in the workspace within yourself.


Exploring the Earth Element.


you establish your inner elemental realm. You see yourself in this place, surrounded by a protective sphere. This sphere will surround you for as long as you explore the realms of the earth element. To your right side you see a gate in the shape of a brown pentagram. At a later time you may explore the earth element by entering a white or a black pentagram. Go through this gate and enter the realms of the earth element. At first you may perceive earth in many different forms of manifestation. Later new experiences will come to you. As you travel in this realm, keep your attention open to the various impressions, visions, and conscious experience, that you may perceive. If you interact with spirits of the earth element, or gnomes, do not fall for their promises. At some later point you will understand the reason why. Leave the realm of the earth element whenever you want to do so. After closing the practice, write down your experiences that you have in this realm for your records.



you are travelling in your inner realm, be aware that this realm is closely connected with the outer realm and with the cosmic realms of the earth element. The separation into three different realms is an artificial one that sees three different aspects of one and the same reality.


Being One with Consciousness


yourself being surrounded by a circle, or sphere. On your right side you notice the pentagram of brown color. In it you see the gate to the earth element and to the world of conscious forms. You see earth spirits, of gnomes together with many varied forms of earth. You may perceive yourself as being surrounded by crystals.


Repeat to yourself six times, in your mind:
I am all consciousness.
Repeat once:
I am One

repeating for at least ten times, and meditate. Then write your experiences into your diary. After you have practices this exercise for ten times, you can proceed with the practice of the four elements.


The Practice of the four Elements

  • 1. In front of you, you see a triangle in flaming red color. Within the triangle you notice fire in its many forms, perhaps also fire spirits, i.e., Salamanders. You know that fire relates to the world of emanation and to your will. Repeat six times to yourself:
  • I am all will. I am all fire.
  • 2. Repeat once:
  • I am One
  • 3. To your left, you see a pentagon in watery blue color. In tentagon you notice water in many forms and water spirits, or Undines. Repeat six times:
  • I am all emotions. I am all water.
  • 4. Repeat once:
  • I am One
  • 5. Behind yourself you see a yellow airy square. In the square you notice air in many forms and Sylphs, or spirits of the air. Repeat six times:
  • I am all mind. I am all air.
  • 6. Repeat once:
  • I am One
  • 7. To your right you see a brown earthy pentagram. In the pentagram you notice earth in many forms and gnomes, spirits of the earth. Repeat six times:
  • I am all consciousness. I am all earth.
  • 8. Repeat once:
  • I am One
  • 9. Repeat six times:
  • Will, emotions, mind, and consciousness are aligned and One.
  • 10. Repeat once:
  • I am One.

this sequence at least three times before you go on to the next lessons. Be aware of the inner realms of each element as you tune into it. At a later point of your work, these visualized realms will take more and more some abstract form. For now visualization is quite helpful.

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