Runes and life force

The shortest distance between two points is a structural link
Throughout history, life force had many different names, depending on culture, religion, and main emphasis of its use
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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings!
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The following concerns the use of life force in connection with Rune magic and Welz Chi Generators, radionics programs and radionics devices that I have designed exclusively for the purpose of effective Rune magic. Therefore, I am going to use the word "Od", or "odic force" rather than Chi or orgone most of the time. Baron Karl von Reichenbach, who was one of the foremost researchers in the field, coined this word. He has chosen this word as a reference to Odin, or Wodan.

I highly recommend Karl von Reichenbach's books as well as Mesmer's works about animal magnetism. Franz Anton Mesmer was the first person to build an orgone accumulator based on scientific principles 150 years before Wilhelm Reich.

Rune Magick and Od

The person who knows of life force technology as applied to magic is familiar with that which follows now. To others, I suggest that they check out for an in-depth explanation of magick, radionics, and Od. Here I will expand upon these concepts by including the action and possibilities of some of the most powerful creative energies available in the universe, i.e., the Runes.

It is obvious by now that, like all other shamans and magicians of past and present times, Rune Masters used life force, or Od, in their work. This is so, because any form of magic is a method that uses Od and structural links. Life force connects the target of the operation with the desired action. Therefore, it was a necessary ingredient to all action at a distance for as long as humans practiced this type work. See also !

Humans of ancient times did not know yet modern scientific theories concerning the processes involved in their action at a distance, or magick. The shamans, priests and magicians had a wealth of practical experience, from which they established rules to follow for successful work. Their worldview was animistic in nature, i.e., they perceived natural phenomena as spirits. They classified experiences and created generalizations, or collective abstractions, of specific classes of observations. Typically, most of them viewed these generalizations "gods", "spirits of nature", and the like. Perceived and assumed interactions between these generalizations were the basis for their mythologies. Mythology in this context is an animistic way of mapping reality. They knew that these "gods" and "spirits", once triggered or invoked and asked to perform certain tasks, seemed to cause desired effects. If "fed" accordingly, with worship, dance, sexual magick, or sacrifice of animals or other living matter such as food, they performed powerfully for the person invoking them and asking their support in a matter. The field of action of such gods or spirits was always well defined. By now we know of course that "feeding" meant a supply with life force that connects these collective abstractions (gods, spirits, etc.) to the desired action and target.

The methods of generating life force were as varied as were the peoples practicing them, their religious creeds and their mythological insights. Originally, these methods had their basis in practical experience of what brought results and what did not.

Runes have a special place in this type work. They are energies that are creating rather than created (such as the gods and spirits). They are defining rather than defined. The Runic approach is rooted in a perception of universal abstractions that reach into the deepest levels of creation as well as into the farthest reaches of the universe. "Gods" and "spirits", on the other hand, are part of well-defined "spiritual hierarchies", whose concepts arose from speculations concerning the structure of the world.

As abstractions, I consider Runes being "primary". You can use Runes to create gods, not merely to contact them. I am preparing an advanced Rune course in which the student will have access to precisely these extremely flexible characteristics of Runes and where he or she will learn how to experience, and trigger, the type primary abstractions from which Runes apparently were derived. Being primary abstractions, the Rune approach to reality is likely as old as humankind as we know it today, quite possibly much older (on our planet, I mean). We can infer to the high age of this approach simply, because the establishment of "spiritual hierarchies" as you find for example in the cabbalistic system and other mythological approaches requires a lot of speculations, rather than the tuning into an experience-as-a-whole that is at the root of any primary abstraction, or Rune. As such, this approach is independent from language. Here we obviously touched upon a seeming paradoxon: namely, that the most powerful methods may have evolved before the type linguistic capabilities developed, as we understand them today. Here I am talking about the Runic approach per se that may be at the root of the Ur-religion of all peoples, humankind and many more species, not about the Runes as we know them today, the origin of which may have been around 400 b.c.e. at its earliest, but which makes use of this Runic approach. In fact, the superior power of the symbolism of the 18 Futhork Runes (the Armanen system) has its roots in the fact that this system combines both, the approach of primary abstractions, i.e., connection with the realms of creation, and a hierarchical approach. The latter, however, goes far beyond the structure of the planetary system (as do the Cabbalistic and astrological systems). Its specific shape is rooted in much more basic phenomena that are valid beyond the structures of our planetary system: the periodic system of elements, sounds, rhythms, and universally valid mathematical structures that the student can emulate in Body- and hand positions of Runes.

The following experiments will show you this extreme magical effectiveness, which you can achieve when powering up Runes with Od. Naturally, only if you are familiar with the basics of Rune practice, will you get the full benefit of these experiments (especially the second one - I suggest you study the Basic Rune Course or, better yet, join the KOR for more in-depth training). However, even the person who has little or no knowledge of Rune practice will notice the tremendous power of the combination of Runes with Od almost immediately.

(1) Print out this diagram.
(2) Select a Rune, or Bind-Rune, of your choice. A Rune to which you feel an affinity generates extraordinary results! Draw this Rune or Bind-Rune on a separate piece of paper.
(3) First, hold the center of your palm (hand open and relaxed) about 1 inch above the Diagram itself. Next, put the paper with the Rune on top of the diagram and, again, hold the center of your palm about 1 inch above the diagram and Rune.
(4) If you like to experience more power, put the diagram and Rune in your pocket and practice a few exercises with that Rune.

(5) For each person, our radionics device is set for 1/2 hour of Od transfer from the Welz Chi Generator in our lab. This setup was necessary to prevent potentially undesirable mutual overflow of Runes when people test simultaneously.
(6) However, if you wish additional transfer of Od from a Welz Chi Generator for up to 24 hours, you can receive it directly from us. Simply call (770) 924 0223 or e-mail

Od in your Rune practice

Karl Spiesberger and many other Rune Masters suggested exercises in which the student sets up and directs Rune streams in the body. Similar to Chi Kung, this practice sets up circulation patterns in the body. These circulation patterns are then powered up with the creative energies of the Runes.

You can easily realize the power of Runes that you energized with OD in the following experiment:
(1) Take the printed out diagram and Rune and put it in front of you on a surface such as a table.
(2) Put your open left hand on top of the diagram and Rune. Be sure it is relaxed!
(3) While inhaling slowly, mentally chant the Rune on the diagram and draw its energy through your left hand and arm into your heart center.
(4) While exhaling, let the Rune flow from the heart to whatever part of your body you desire.
(5) "Define" that Rune stream pattern by automatically connecting it with your breathing rhythm as in (3) and (4).
(6) For about five minutes, continue breathing slowly while feeling the flow of the Rune streams.
(7) Very important here: After stopping the practice, ground the surplus energies by chanting IS three times and visualizing all surplus draining into the ground.

This was a simple example of how you can use Od in your Rune practice. On hand of this example, you will also realize immediately that continuously available Od, as you have it from a Welz Chi Generator, can make a decisive difference in the power and effectiveness of any Rune practice, including Rune magic. You may combine the above practice with specific body positions of Runes for added effectiveness! By now, it is obvious that the Welz Chi Generator is the tool of choice for the serious Rune magician. The effect is stronger, when the generator of Od vibrates in the frequency of the Rune that you practice.

You find more information about life force and action at a distance in our other web sites such as

The Rune Master Radionics Program

This extraordinary radionics program for the serious Rune master and Rune student allows you to make use of the creative energies of the universe to give the most powerful boost possible to your magick.

It has six positions plus an Od transfer function. The Od is ideally generated by a Welz Chi Generator that vibrates in the exact frequency of any Rune of your choice. You can set the Rune frequency in your program and plug the Junior Hammer or the powerful Hammer of Thor (both are generators of Od, or Welz Chi Generators) in the sound card output of your computer.

The Positions:
Creative energy
Trend in the environment
Main trend
Alternate target
It also contains a position for the orgone transfer. Into this transfer you install the transfer diagram. You can use any .jpg file with a unique design that you print out - you may ask us for such a file and we send one by e-mail. Take your printed out copy and put it on your life force generator.

The RMRP 2003 also features a sound function. Choose the Rune sound of your choice (included in data base). With the frequency of this sound, you can power the generator of Od (the Junior Hammer or the Hammer of Thor) by connecting it with the output of your sound card.

The program comes with well over thousand images that you can install in the program, including the Alphabet of Desire, the Germanic gods, fixed stars and, of course, the Runes.

Very important: you set the radionic rate with three Runes for each of the six positions, rather than mere numbers. This certainly adds powerful creative energies to your magick!

The RMRP 2003 Rune Master Radionic Program: $199.00

The Junior Hammer - JH 2400

The JH 2400 Junior Hammer
with Transfer Couple TC 99

A low price bare-bones orgone generator, ideal for the rune magician.
This certainly is exciting news for every serious Rune Magician!
Charge Runes for your everyday practice, charge bind runes and other talismans, energize yourself with Rune streams, influence others, build confidence!
The Junior Hammer's extraordinary design has been adapted to the special needs of the serious Rune magicians: Project your energy, your will, wherever you want to. Therefore, we decided for this name: the Hammer!

The Junior Hammer is a special Welz Chi Generator (orgone generator) for individual use that certainly fits every budget. This extraordinarily low priced device is for all who are serious about bringing magick into their lives; and who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity happy relationships, self-confidence, peace of mind and happiness.

The Hammer works with external frequencies. It ties in perfectly with the RMRP 2003 Rune Magic Program for PC or any other approved exterior pulse module. Energy output is silver tubing.

The Junior Hammer JH 2400: $129.00

The Transfer Couple TC 99: $39.00

About the generators of Od in general, check out

The Hammer of Thor - HT 2400 HD

Dual Output Welz Chi Generator with up to ten times the power of the Junior Hammer, to supply your Rune magick (and other magick, of course) with massive life force! Use either with the EPM 2400 precision module or attach it to the sound card of your computer while your RMRP 2003 is running! You achieve maximum power when using both!

The Hammer of Thor HT 2400 HD: $699.00

The EPM 2400 Exterior Precision Module - $699.00z to 99.99Hz, for the HD-devices

mind machine module

Range: 0.01 Hz to 99.99 Hz
Precision: 1/100,000
Attach this exterior module to the HT 2400 HD Heavy Duty Hammer of Thor
or the JH 2400 Junior Hammer.
This exact frequency module boasts a total of 10,000 settings plus a random function. Its precision of 1/100,000 is unsurpassed.

Advantages of the EPM 2400:

The “Input EPU” jack on the heavy duty devices (the RAD 2400 HD and LPOG 2400 HD) leads to a second generator in the Heavy Duty orgone generating units. This second generator can be powered up with a pulse input from the EPM 2400.
When having both generators running, you can double the power output of your heavy duty device or better.

Turn the interior pulse generator off (by switching off your HD-device) and you can have an orgone pulse with an extremely precise frequency of your choice.

Another option is to run the interior pulse generator at one of the pre-set frequencies (such as the 7.83 Earth Resonance Frequency, a favorite of many) and at the same time set the second generator at any frequency you desire (for instance 5.9 Hz for golfers, 20 Hz for magick, 25Hz for sports in general, etc.).

The advantages of this exact frequency generator are obvious: With it you can now set your generator output at any frequency that you desire, any frequency that best reflects your situation.

This exterior precision pulse module has been designed to meet the requirements of persons who desire to set any frequency of their choice with absolute precision, stability, and reliability. This exact frequency requirement is desirable for specific purposes such as performance enhancement in sports, or when you work with a radionics system that is based on actual frequency settings. Therefore, you can use it in conjunction with a stick pad, pendulum or other device to determine frequencies that work very much like radionics rates. This way you can either set up a system of exact frequencies that reflect specific trends or you can use a book that gives you a list of these frequencies.

The radionics qualities of this extraordinary device allow you to get a frequency rate either by rubbing a stick pad, then, when you feel the "stick", by pushing the "random" button, or by releasing the other buttons to set frequencies whenever you feel the stick.