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The Junior JU 99

The Junior JU 99 with Transfer Disk Couple TD 99
The JU 99 is a bare-bones Welz Chi Generator (orgone generator) for individual use that fits any budget. (Click here for more details about the Welz Chi Generator and accessories)
This extraordinary device contains all the essential parts of the larger Welz Chi Generators. Its excellent qualities make it a powerful utensil for all whose budget does not allow them yet to acquire a larger, stronger, and more versatile Welz Chi Generator, but who are very serious about bringing "magick into their lives"; and who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, self-confidence, peace of mind and happiness.

We designed the JU 99 for many uses:

   Self Improvement:
   Energy and vitality - energize yourself!
   Relaxation and stress reduction
   Build confidence!
   Help develop skills
   Added energy for workouts
   Help weight control
   Enhance supplements

Your environment:
   Energize drinking water
   Energize plants
   Provide your pets with energy and vitality

   Influence others, with or without their knowledge
   Energize others
   Influence the outcome of challenging situations
   Charge talismans
   Energize your action at a distance (or magick)

   Above all - bring this extra magick into your life!

The manual that comes with your JU 99 will introduce you to the uses above, and then some!

The JU 99 is convenient and easy to use for any person, and it can be the most important utensil in every household. Above all, the JU 99 works at any distance with methods of energy transfer that you find in the manual, ideally with a Transfer Disk TD 99. Keep the JU 99 turned on in your home with Part 1 of the TD 99 in front of the output pipe, while you have the TD 99 Transfer Disk in your pocket. You will receive the energy without loss, whether you are just a few blocks away from your home or half around the globe! Find proof in the transfer test!

You can use it for any amount of time, day and night, 7 - 24, when using the AC - DC - adapter that is included for free. No dependence on expensive 9 Volt batteries! Battery option available, if required.

Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all professionals, when it comes to energizing the body.

7.83 Hz Frequency Setting: The "Schumann Resonance", or Earth Frequency is a favorite setting for universal purpose: According to brain wave experts, this frequency has additional multiple advantages: overcoming jet lag, counteracting mind control, easier learning, precision, and many more.

Whatever your intentions among its many potential uses, a few that are most important for you or all of them, the JU 99 it is designed to fit every budget, while providing this extra strength to make a decisive difference!

The JU 99 and radionics

The JU 99 works perfectly with the any of our radionics programs and, of course, the filter packs.
Its orgone (chi) pulse is adjusted to a constant 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance, Earth frequency)
Size: ca. 5 x 2 x 1 inches
Extensive Universal HSCTI User Manual included.

Price: $129.00 - Order Now! (includes shipping and handling inside the US)

Distributor inquiries welcome!


TD 99 - Set of Transfer disks, one at the generator, the other one in your pocket or close to your body! Made of Orgonite.

Price: $39.00 - Order Now!

For more information about additional attachments (filters, radionics programs, etc.), see www.magitech.com

Get the Evidence Now:
Test the Transfer of Life Force at any Distance!

This exciting test most certainly will be a surprise for you!

Before you continue to gain a deeper understanding of the amazing new technology of Chi-Generator boosted Power Magick and its many uses, perform this experiment. This will certainly provide you with the evidence that you wanted !!!

Life Force Bridges any Distance!

The following test most certainly could be the greatest surprise in a lifetime, even though you may be well versed in methods of magick, radionics, or similar methods of impact at a distance!

I am certain that you have heard of spells that follow people half around the globe ... usually resulting from some form of magick that they think they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. Quite often the story goes that a skilled conjurer, shaman, or magician of their hometown had something in mind for them ... for good or for bad.

How is such powerful work done?
In other words ...

    You want to know how this powerful magick works...
    You want to understand how it is possible that spells can follow people for decades, even if they are thousands of miles away...
    You want to know it, because ...
    You want the power
to meet all your challenges, to solve all problems, and to be a total success in all matters!!!

In the following you will experience how our amazing technology can do it all for you! Now you can actually gain deep insights into the working of life force! You will find out that life force is the source of power of all radionics, ESP, and magickal work. Therefore you are about to penetrate one of the most ancient of secrets! What follows now is the rare opportunity to have an eye-opening look into the workshop of the most powerful magicians, conjurers, and shamans.

Find out for yourself by now! Perform the following easy and truly amazing test !!!  This easy-to-do test will certainly help you make decisions that can put you well on the way to positively change and greatly improve your life for the better !!!

The Test

Perform the following test to feel life energy at a distance now and to
gain the evidence that you always wanted:

1. Print the transfer diagram above.

2. Put the printed diagram on a table or on any other surface. It should be a minimum of 2 ft (60cm) away from your body or any other large living organism.

3. Now, hold the center of the palm of either of your hands approximately one inch (2 - 3 cm) above the printout of the diagram.

Most people will be surprised to feel something almost immediately: either a slight tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, as is the case with most people, an agreeable sensation of warmth in the center of your palm that can spread out from the palm…and…

Yes!!! You have just felt life force, perhaps for the first time in your life!

As we said above (later we will show you why), life force is the subtle energy, or psychic power, that is used in all methods of magick, spiritual-religious work and miracles, treasure mapping, self-motivation, shamanic practice and any other psychic work.

You can feel life force emanating from the printed diagram (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Welz Chi Generators in our laboratories. That's extremely simple!!!

This experiment shows that you can use technology to harness and direct Life Force !!!

We suggest that you perform a few additional tests with life force: First, hold your hand above the diagram, then above any other surface that is at least at a distance of 16 inches from the diagram. Notice the difference!

As is the case with all experiments of this kind, it is important that you perform it in a relaxed state of mind. If the main focus of your attention tied up to other important or urgent situations, and especially if you are not relaxed, it may be a bit challenging to feel subtle energies.

Using this exciting new technology, the devices from HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International) generate and project life force (orgone) that you can harness for your overall success!

You can get still better results when you call (770) 924 0223 (USA) for an individualized hook-up or if you e-mail us for further instructions to test energy transfer at any distance!!!

The Proof

This extraordinary test proves to you first hand that which sensitive and powerful persons of all ages (among them tai chi masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans, conjurers, magicians, and priests performing spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life force (chi, prana, mana, etc... every culture and language has its own name for the same energy) transfers at any distance. Moreover, it does so without loss of energy. All that’s needed is the right structural link (some professionals prefer to call it “psychic link”) to establish contact! This fact makes their magick possible, even easy! In fact, it is so easy that everybody is now capable of working their magic!

This has been one of the reasons why many of these professionals decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems, making them available only to a few hand picked people! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their lucrative sources of income.

The Conclusion

You have just experienced one of the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely the transfer of life force (“magickal energy” or "psychic energy") at any distance!!! More importantly: you have just realized that many secrets of ancient cultures are technology, yours to use !!! You have just experienced that the effects of any type of magick or spiritual work, such as changing your life for the better, can be achieved by now easily with the help of our powerful technology!!!

By now it is obvious that this new technology can give everybody access to the power of these secrets because…

It is powerful technology in your hands …
for lasting success and for positive permanent change !!!


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